Lather Yourself in Lavender


Hey and Dolls and Gents! Happy Friday!

Do you have any big plans to celebrate Super Bowl weekend? Or do you even care about the Super Bowl? Frankly, I only like to watch the halftime show (if someone interesting is performing) and the commercials, but couldn't care less who wins. My tim

Layer Me Up!

Happy Friday!

There has been a lot of uncomfortably cold, icy weather that has been going around here lately, along with the FLU, ehhhhh! My skin has been unbelievably ASHY and dry, and I am going to my Bath and Body Works as much as I change my underwear. It's insane! Anywho

Stage Front in 2018

Whelp, here we are ending another year and coming into another one! Every New Year everyone always wants to be better, do better and live better. So you make New Years Resolutions, establish short and long-term goals, whether it has to do with your career, yourself, family, or whatever you choos