5 Styled Spring Trends

Hey Loves! Hope you all have been enjoying the Spring weather? Well, I guess that all depends on where you reside. Some east coast states were getting some winter weather, which I am sure that is not how you want to start off your spring season. I am in Texas, so the weather has been warm, but windy, which took some joy out of the spring days we have had. I never realized how windy Texas is until I started to have depended on the weather to determine my photo shoots. Sorry, ladies and gents

Slipping Back into the 90’s

It's Friday and I'm ready to swing

Pick up my girls and hit the party scene

Tonight, ooooohh it's alright, hmmm!

I know ya'll remember this song, right? 90's, Aaliyah, Back and Forth, omgness this, was my ISH! I am 90's vibin today, so my YouTube playlist in my car will be tuned to 90's hip/hop and R&B!

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Tantalizing Transparency

Hello Loves! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Spring break is here, and I cannot believe we are already in March. Where is the time going, ya'll? I remember growing up my granny always used to tell my siblings and me, "time ain't waiting on nobody, so you better get up a

Colorfully Modest


Happy Hump Day!

First of all, I want everyone that reads this to send prayers to a stylish, beautiful blogger, @kyrzayda, who is well known in the blogging and fashion community. She is currently fighting that devilish beast cancer. You can still see the strength that she ha